It’s tricky starting out. Do you push yourself and go all out? Or do you take your time to focus on being smart and safe? We all want to achieve great things, but at what cost? Quinn, a being of insurmountable magical power, struggled with these thoughts in the days before the Cespa. The yearly ritual, the people of Quinn’s planet performed, that unlocks anyone’s magical powers that have matured. Since age holds no bearing on an individual’s acquirement, their magical power stays dormant until it matures. Some innate magic is so weak it matures at a young age. However, most magic is hereditary, both in strength and when it matures. Still, there are a few who possess immense magical powers and it takes decades for their magic to mature. Quinn was none of these people. Quinn was exceptional beyond compare. Born with more magical power than the planet combined, Quinn was apotheosis. As such, Quinn was given everything. A good home, fantastic food, an impeccable education, and a tremendous burden. At the young age of seventeen, when Quinn’s magic reached maturity, Quinn was required to finish the work of an ancient shaman named Prexx. This request sparked Quinn’s dilemma, depression, and worst of all, Quinn’s first creation. Prexx was viewed as a world-renowned healer who died before he could complete, what most people believed was, a spell for eternal life. The spell was too powerful for Prexx to complete, and he died while attempting it. After Quinn’s Cespa, Quinn was given five days to complete the work of Prexx. A request that was well within Quinn’s power. But a request that should have never been made, for Prexx was not at all who he seemed to be. A vile monstrosity who defile the world under the guise of a healer, Prexx was the epitome of profane. Consequently, when Quinn completed Prexx’s spell, Quinn created one of the most destructive objects in the Universe. The spell created an object Quinn christened the Eradicant. With the power to secrete an ooze that disintegrates anything it touches, the Eradicant was the final curse Prexx left to the world he loathed. Quinn however loved the world, for all the honor and compassion the people shared, and for all the beauty and wonder the planet provided. Therefore, Quinn knew there was only one course of action, the Eradicant had to be destroyed. Unfortunately, no matter how great Quinn’s magical powers were, the Eradicant was indestructible. The most Quinn could do was to shatter the Eradicant into a hundred little pieces and contain them inside a temporary magical barrier. With the inability to destroy the Eradicant, Quinn had to find a way to conceal, and contain, the shards. Quinn spent the next couple days researching magical containments, to no avail. Until Quinn came across an old manuscript on the doctrine of coalescing. Controversial, yet illuminating, the text presented a nearly perfect solution to Quinn’s quandary. By combing the Eradicant shards with another object Quinn could create an immaculate veil. The only issue was the process required a great sacrifice. Quinn’s magical energy had to be facture, to perform the task, which would leave Quinn with barely any magical power. Nevertheless, Quinn saw no other option and decided to proceed forward. But first, Quinn had to find a superb subject to use in the coalescence. Eager to reach a resolution Quinn immediately dashed out to the garden to find a champion and stumbled upon the humble radish. The radish, a common yet complex vegetable, was the ideal vessel for the Eradicant. For deep inside the radish plant, Quinn could sense, there was a dormant benevolent spirit waiting to be born. Quinn wasted no time and infused the radishes with the shards of the Eradicant, to which the radishes sprung to life, plump and powerful. Quinn named the radish spirit species Blerove and greeted them with kindness and respect. After a moment of confusion and chaos, Quinn eventually gathered all the Blerove at the edge of the garden and explained why they were born. Quinn informed them of the power they now possess, from the Eradicant, and of the sacred oath they must now uphold to safeguard the power. The Blerove, as pure of heart protectors, accepted Quinn’s plea. Combined the Blerove have the power to destroy the Universe, individual they have the power to protect the innocent.
© Joel Marine