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The crystal heart

The Crystal Heart follows Lillein Grey, a young would-be adventurer, who has lived her entire life within the confines of her grandfather’s estate. Because of her sheltered life, Lillein grew up dreaming of exploring the world. A desire she had always felt to be unattainable. Until one day, when a series of strange events began to unfold, Lillein was thrust into a life she could hardly imagine. 
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Fayonei's Fable
Part 1: The Prophecy

Finding out the true is never easy; especially when there is an infestation of mystical monsters on the loose. Chase the truth and start an adventure, full of unexpected wonders, with the phenomenal Fayonei.

The Moments Before
The ancient ones

After moving to a new town, zoey and lori are left to fend for themselves on a Bright summer's afternoon.
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Mina's Mystical Merchandise
an origin story
Follow Mina as she meets her grandmother for the first time.
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