In a small faraway Galaxy lives a chaotic mage. A vile mage who, like others, yearns to conquer the Universe. During the mage’s journey to see the Universe subdued, the mage created six magical creatures that possess unparalleled proficiency in Alchemy. The six creatures ,the mage created, were the precursor Elci’Ferae (pronounced Ell-cia-Fair-ee), also known as Flame Fairies. The mage, when creating the Elci’Ferae, hoped to create soulless drones that would indulge the mage’s every whim. However, with an incomplete Creation Spell, the mage ended up creating a new irenic species. A species that would never serve the mage, or desire to conquer the Universe. Not only did the mage fail to create loyal subjects, the mage also suffered a crippling curse. the mage also had no idea the Creation Spell required a sacrifice. anyone who casts the Spell must shatter their magical power and provide part of their magical essence to the creature they create. While the creature lives the magical essence, that was used to create said creature, stays with that creature indefinitely. The incomplete spell enfeebled the mage with fractured intrinsic power. The mage’s calamity is the Elci’Ferae’s greatest asset in hindering the mages destruction across the Universe. However, the mage’s failure is also a curse for the Elci’Ferae. Since the Elci’Ferae’s souls are bound to the magical essence that created them. if they die their soul would cease to exist and the magical essence, that gave them life, would return to the mage. After their creation, the Elci’Ferae struggled for decades to find a way to live forever. unfortunately, the only solution they ended up finding was a grim one. Using their knowledge of Alchemy, they found a way to create an astral plane to hide away their souls. a heaven of sorts. The only problem was, the process of separating their souls from the mage’s magical essence was emotionally devastating. The technique they discovered, to isolate their souls, requires them to eat their first-born children. The mage’s magic is evil and demandes a revolting oblation. Nevertheless, they know, the magic must linger, the magic must never return to the mage. sadly, The Elci’Ferae’s children are born innocent, removed from the mage’s magic, they are pure natural biological existence. making the act immensely tragic. The process is a transmutation, once a child is consumed, the mage’s magical essence is bound to the soul of that child. This leaves the parent's soul free to be merged with the astral plane once they die. Additional, once the parent dies, the child that was consumed is reborn from the embers of their dead parent, thus completing the cycle of transfer. Heavy are the burdens we past to our children, Elci’Ferae.