Kits are forest felines that are tasked with protecting Woodland Sanctuaries. They hail from the nether realm of Pledora, pronounced Plea-door-ah, a land full of exotic fauna and flora. Legends say the Kits were cast from their home land for infusing their souls with arcane powers, a skill that was taught to them by a Mother Tree. Kits are peaceful creatures, and they did not invoke the power for nefarious gains, rather they did it to protect life, and they saw no other choice. Kits are born with the curse of divination. They don’t see a crystal-clear view of the future, but they are constantly plagued with hallucinogenic visions and abstract allegories of ominous omens. It wasn’t until the Quell, a dark force that yearns to consume life, started to appear to them that they took the arcane powers. Thereafter the Kits scattered across the Universe in hopes of protecting as many Mother Trees as they could.
© Joel Marine