Lucore, pronounced like / Lew-Core-EE \, sibling of Lane, is the most unique of all the Nebulin Crealic, Creature Angelic. Lucore dons the Pelic’te, pronounced like / Pel-ic-tea \, an ancient relic that has been fused to Locure’s essence. The Pelic’te, throughout the millennia, has been referred by many names, none of which was more accurate as the World Egg. Sown with Prima Materia, in a forbidden realm, the Pelic’te is as light as silk and indestructible, not unlike the Gleipnir. The Pelic’te was created to save Locure’s life, and as imperative as that was, the Pelic’te’s true value is its ability to create anything from nothing. Locure can reach inside the Pelic’te and produce anything, no matter the size.