A Lumeaf, Luminous Leaf, is a tiny exotic creature that has bioluminescent wings that resemble leaves. Usually only referred as Lumeaves, the social group term, because they only travel in coveys. It is extremely rare for a Lumeaf to be seen on their own, however, a Lumeaf that has separate from the group is not unheard of. Lumeaves are by nature Solic creatures, meaning they are soul synced. If they find the right individual or creature with a similar soul, they will bond with them and abandon the covey. The reason why this rarely happens is because Lumeaves usually only perch on the tallest trees, they blend in and look like leaves so they’re hard to find, and they never stay in one realm for more than a week. The reason why Lumeaves are sought after is because they are pilot creatures, meaning they are interdimensional guides to the universe. A single Lumeaf can open an infinite amount of gateways that can lead to any planet in the universe. This is how the Lumeaves travel and escape those who hunt them. Many malevolent individuals, and creatures, have tried to study the Lumeaves migratory patterns, in hopes of harvesting the Lumeaves wings, the source of the Lumeaves power, yet no pattern could ever be found. There is however a single planet, still unknown, where all the Lumeaves travel to every millennium to breed and raise their young. It should be noted, those who kill Lumeaves suffer Sosinoak (pronounced So-Sin-Oak), soul staining (also known as chaotic soul soaking), altering the individual, or creature, so that no other Solic creature will ever bond with them.