There once was a grand loving Queen. A Queen overflowing with magical power. A Queen so revered that there wasn’t a single soul that knew her, or of her, that would not give their life for her. A Queen befitting the name Majesty. From the early age of six the young lady, not yet a Princess, not yet a Queen, poor and homeless, spent every day of her life making the lives of others spectacular. She never had a want for herself, or a desire of ill will, she only hoped to live in a world of peace. A world she eventually created. True, her magic helped her greatly, yet it ultimately failed her when she needed it the most. Later in life the Queen had a daughter. A daughter that was infected with an incurable blight. Eventually, nothing could be done to prolong her daughter’s life, and the day finally came, as the Queen sat beside her daughter, her sweet innocent child died in front of her. The Queen’s heart, as she burst into tears, broke into a million pieces, and infused life into every tear she shed. Born from the tears of the greatest Queen that ever lived, Tecuri are ancient beings that live to bless life. Unable to cure the child of the blight, the Tecuri absorbed the blight’s essence and became a countermeasure to the pestilence. The Queen, bone dry, eventually turned to dust, and ever since then, the Tecuri have been waging an endless crusade against the blight, in hopes of one day eradicating every source of the blight from existence. 
© Joel Marine